Organizing with Tiffany

I ADORE Tiffany. Maybe a bit too much. In fact, if you knew who Tiffany was, you’d like her too. Lately, I’ve been on a spring cleaning rampage and Tiffany did me GOOD! She helped me get totally organized. But that’s not all, she got things organized and made them pretty. For me, that’s a very important combination. 

So let me reveal who Tiffany is (you may already know her, she’s actually VERY famous). Actually Tiffany(s) are my shopping bags that I tend to hoard. I’m not the only one guilty of this addictive habit, I’m sure. My husband gives me grief about saving EVERY shopping bag I bring home. I’m the type of person who likes to keep things for the sake of keeping (AKA hoarder). I mean, I even have stacks of discounted X-Mas cards when I don’t even send them out! Well, I’m working…

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